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two thousand

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消費税・国内送料込 *tax included, overseas shipping + 6000JPY 【size】F3 (27x22cm) 【material】 canvas / modeling paste, acrylic paint, ink 【shipping】Japan 1-2weeks / Other 1 month 【other】hooks & strings are already fixed 近くの公園でこどもが遊ぶのを見て、小学生の頃を思い出しました。 よく遊びに行っていた友人の家の色や裏庭の芝生、憧れていたスニーカーやTシャツ、道に散っていた落ち葉、遊んでいるときに感じていた楽しさや心地よさ。 私にとっての2000年代を表現しました。 ~・~ Walking in my neighborhood park and seeing little kids playing reminded me of when I was in elementary school. I drew from my memory things that reminded me of those days; colors of my friends’ home where we had playdates, grass in the back yard, clothes and sneakers I thought were cool, leaves on the side walk in autumn, and most of all, the joy I felt when I was playing, one of the best memories of my 2000's.